Gingerly Expressions

 The programs curated at Gingerly Expressions are poised to address the needs and interests of the local community. Gingerly Expressions is a niche space to celebrate the presence and powers of herbs and holistic lifestyles. Powered by The Ginger Tea Company, Gingerly Expressions is founded by Tallahassee herbalist, Christina Lynch. 

Deeper Self-Connections

This program offers opportunities to learn and connect with oneself and others on a variety of topics meant to support your personal growth journey. These can be topics that individuals may have contemplated intrinsically or desire to express in a safe space. The guided topics for 2022 are: 

April 16, 2022, For the Love of Self, Saturday

April 30, 2022,  Learning Your Own Boundaries

May 21, 2022, Connecting with Your Intuition

June 4, 2022, Free Expressions

June 11, 2022, Love & Forgiveness

July 9, 2022, Protecting Your Inner Child

July 16, 2022, Is Adulthood Real?

July 30, 2022, Curating Your Next Chapter

August 13, 2022, Life After, Major Changes

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Gingerly Connections

The talents and offerings of our local community are endless! Creating and fostering intentional relationships to support local talents, come together in nature and increase the physical presence of intimate gatherings are the primary goals of this program. Expressive space for memorable times, genuine moments and organic connections is the true incentive for this space. In addition to the partnered workshops under Deeper Self Connections, periodic workshops highlighting and learning from peers will be offered.


The current planned offerings are:

April 23, 2022, An Introduction to the Art of Tea Blending with Indigo Tea


June 25, 2022, An Advanced Herbal Workshop with Consider Herbs. 


Herbal Reflections 

This offering is in partnership with Herbalists Without Borders of the Big Bend. This program is intended to provide herbal education and share herbal experiences in a safe place. Herbal reflections will offer both materia medica classes and applied workshops for hands on learning. Occasional opportunities for garden work days may be available for individuals seeking hands on learning in building a relationship with land. Planned workshops will begin in the Fall 2022. Examples of the workshop topics are:


  • Rosemary: A Clearer Path

  • Dandelion: The Plant we Love to Hate

  • Moringa: Multi-faceted Multi-Vitamin

  • Lemon Balm: Calmly Divine

  • Mugwort: Vividly Dreamy

  • Elder: Wisdom in Plant Form

  • Raspberry Leaf: Isn't She Lovely?

  • Marshmallow: Too Cool for School

  • Blue Lotus: Touching the Unicorn

  • Curating Your Natural Path

  • The Diversity of Herbal Remedies

  • The Folk Method of Medicine Making

  • An Introduction to Flower Essences

  • The Importance of Herbal Energetics

  • Local Plants, Local Healing

  • Healing by Heritage: An Open Discussion

Materia Medica Classes

Working With the Plants