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Season's Renewal

7 Day Herbal Detox

Season's Renewal is a 7 Day Herbal Detox

You will spend the 7 days embarking on a journey of renewal. This herbal detox is to cleanse the body and soul. Indulging in teas such as Creative Roots and Deep Connections will assist with emotional grounding and the aligning of chakras, allowing energy to flow freely, bringing balance to the body as a whole.


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Season's Renewal includes a bundle of teas and a flower essence guiding the body to a balanced state. Each tea was specifically chosen to provide the properties needed to support the cleansing of the body.

Our bodies tend to house a plethora of emotions throughout the day. Some emotions may not be so joyful, in which it is important to reflect on the events and come to terms with these emotions. This is also known as grounding.

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Season's Renewal Set includes:

  • 1 oz Deep Connections

  • 1 oz Fall Nourishment

  • 1 oz Creative Roots

  • 1 oz Holy Basil Flower Essence