Articum lappa

ginger root .png

Burdock, popularly known as a weed in the United States, is native to Asia and filled with beneficial properties. All parts of the plant can be used for various reasons, mostly culinary and medicinal purposes. In my personal practice, I focus my attention on the root. Burdock root supports a diverse microbiome as a prebiotic with its high content of inulin, which provides nutrients for the gut flora. With a significant part of the U.S. population having, or previously having, digestion issues, burdock root is a great candidate to assist in regulation and working towards a healthy gut.

The root also can act as a mild detoxifier through its diuretic properties and promote the flow of bile. It supports the liver and elimination functions, and can remove toxins from the bloodstream. In addition to acting as a mild detoxifier, burdock root is widely used as a blood purifier by many herbalists.